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Video Tour of Haslam’s Used Bookstore

Haslam’s Used Bookstore

Instead of my usual post, I decided to post about my recent trip to Haslam’s book store. Haslam’s is a used book store in St Petersburg, FL. I love this book store. It’s about an hour from my house but when my wife and I go, we usually make a day of it and enjoy something different for lunch.

Haslam’s is the largest used book store in Florida and has been in business since 1933.  I’m pretty sure it’s still a family business which makes it just that much cooler. The store is 30,000 square feet and contains over 300,000 books. Many of the books are antique and collectors’s items. You can read more about their history on the site.

For the geeks in the audience, someone created some Doom levels (yes as in Doom and Doom II) of the store. I haven’t played them, but I plan to. I have my doom install on a backup drive somewhere around here. If you’re a doomster and you play it, let me know how good it is.

So, on my visit last week, I got permission to record and walked around the store to give you an idea of what they have. It really is a fun place to visit. There are a bunch of antique and crafty type stores on the same block and there is plenty of great food all around. We met some friends for some cajun food at Ricky P’s. We went to the po-boy shop but the bistro is just down the road from Haslam’s.

Food and books. It just doesn’t get any better than that!


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