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The Dragons of Atlantis

The Dragons of Atlantis by Alice Kemp


Fiction – Young Adult – Fantasy

Fifteen-year-old Jason and Caroline Peterson fly with their dad to the Azores for an exciting outdoor-adventure vacation. However, after being lured away from their father and into the side of an extinct volcano, the twins accidentally pass through a time portal, suddenly finding themselves prisoners of strange, brutal men in the walls of a very active volcano. They discover from the other prisoners that somehow they have traveled back to the time of Atlantis when it was the center of a thriving civilization. Although they manage to escape, they jump from the frying pan into the fire. This continent is ruled by intelligent dragons that harbor a dark and deadly secret. If the twins can’t find a way to stop them, these cruel creatures will not only alter the course of history but change the face of the earth forever.

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Chapter I – Evil in the Heart of Paradise

Jason Peterson woke with a jolt.  He was falling!

“We’re going to crash!” Caroline, his twin sister, cried out in the seat next to him as the plane banked steeply on its approach to the airport outside Ponta Delgada, the Azores.  Her dad, Duane Peterson, leaned across from his aisle seat to look out the window.  He patted her reassuringly on her arm.

“No, honey, everything’s fine.  We’re just getting ready to land.  There!  Did you feel that ‘thump’?  That’s the landing gear going down.”

He looked at his 15-year-old son.  “We’re finally here!  Are you excited?”  Coming to the Azores for a spring vacation was Jason’s idea.  Ever since he had done a report on these islands for his geography class, he had wanted to come and experience this fascinating place for himself.

“Yeah, Dad!”  Jason couldn’t pull himself away from the tropical paradise framed in the plane’s window.  After spending hours traveling east over seemingly endless water, they finally spied the islands, rising abruptly from the Atlantic Ocean.

Pointing at the mountain peaks that dominated the background, Jason told his twin sister, “There’s the old volcanoes I told you about, remember?  They’re extinct now, so there’s nothing to worry about.  Just lots of neat caves and lava tubes to explore.”

He loved being involved in outdoor adventures and privately thought he should have lived a couple of centuries ago when he could have been a real mountain man.  But for now he contented himself with reading about volcanoes and explorers and doing some spelunking and other outdoor stuff himself, when his dad could get away to take him.  Caroline wasn’t as enthusiastic about being underground, but often went, anyway.  She was more adventurous than other girls her age and hated to be left out of anything.

Fortunately for their peace of mind, they knew nothing of the forces gathering on the mountains, forces that would change their lives forever.

As the ground rushed up at them, they caught glimpses of lush, green, tropical forests and sandy beaches.  The wheels made contact and they were down, taxiing down the runway.  Jason could hardly wait for the “Fasten seatbelts” light to go off, he was so excited.

“Easy does it, son,” Duane said.  “We’ll get out there soon enough.  And we have all week to explore and play.”  His job kept him from taking vacations very often, but when he could, he tried to make up for it by taking his kids to new and interesting places.  His wife used to enjoy such trips as well, until a drunk driver took her from them three years ago.  Caroline was beginning to look more and more like her mother, with shining brown hair and big brown eyes in an elfin face.  All this topped a graceful, slender body.  Jason also had a slender body with brown hair and eyes but with a more boyish face than his sister.

They finally made it out to the rental car he had reserved for the week, picking up brochures and maps of the islands on the way.  Jason and Caroline couldn’t stop swiveling their heads around to take in all the exotic sights of a tropical island as they drove along the beach road to the rental villa.  Duane spotted the house number he was looking for and pulled into the driveway.

“Wow!” the teens said in practically the same breath.  “Is this where we’re staying?” asked Caroline.

“Yup.  It looks just like the picture we saw on the Internet, doesn’t it?”  Parking next to the house, he added,  “All right, be sure to grab your luggage on the way in.”  He pulled out the keys that had been mailed to him and, following his own advice, picked up a suitcase in each hand and marched up to the front door, with his kids close at his heels.

As the three stepped into the house, they dropped what they were carrying and checked out the interior, picking out the bedrooms each wanted.  Having brought in the rest of the luggage, the twins skipped out to the deck through the sliding glass doors on the far side of the living room.

“Wow, this is great!” Jason’s eyes almost bugged out of his head as he saw the beautiful turquoise waters of the ocean just below the house.

“It sure is!” agreed his sister while she started to run down the steps to the water.

“Hold it,” their father called from the open door.  “Go unpack first, then we’ll go on into town and shop around a bit.”

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Author BIO:

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I’ve been a voracious reader all my life and expect that to continue until my life ends or my mind goes, whichever comes first. My life has been full of change, trying new things, new occupations and lifelong learning. I have an M.A. in Experimental/Developmental Psychology from the University of Akron. Originally from Barberton, OH, which is near Akron, Some of the places I’ve lived in include Miami, FL, Nashville, TN, Salt Lake City, Utah, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO (where I was in the Women’s Army Corps), Ft. Slocum, NY, Wooster, OH, Brevard, NC, and a few others hardly worth mentioning.

So I have a wealth of life experiences to draw upon for my fiction writing.

I presently live a quiet life in SW VA with my two cats, Maggie and Mingo, where I continue to write and to assist other aspiring writers as best I can.


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