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Submit a Book

Submit A Book

If you would like to submit a book for inclusion on First 750, send an email to [email protected]. In your email please include (you can send a word doc file or a text file or a mix) this info:

  • Title of your book
  • The name you want to go with your book (real name, pen name, whatever)
  • A link to where people can buy your book
  • A link to your web site, facebook page, etc where you want readers to interact with you
  • A short synopsis (less than 250 words)
  • A personal bio less than 250 words
  • The first 750ish or so words. If you have a  prologue, but would prefer to send the first part of chapter 1, that’s fine. It can also be more or less than 750 so that you can end it at a logical point. Just try not to make it too short or go over 1000 words.
  • A photo to go with the post, can be the cover photo or any other related photo
  • Your book’s category (fiction->fantasy, non-fiction->memoir, fiction->romance, etc)
  • Would you like to interviewed?

Once I have the above information, I will send you a confirmation email letting you know I got it. When I post the book, I will send you another email letting you know the link. It’ll usually take some time to get it posted. Right now I am posting one per day and running a week or two out. If the volume of submissions picks up, I’ll revisit how many I post per day.




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