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Review: The Blackcollar

The Blackcollar by Timothy Zahn


The blackcollars—an elite, genetically enhanced fighting force—may be humanity’s only hope

Decades after a successful invasion of Earth and the Terran Democratic Empire by the Ryqril—hostile, leathery-skinned aliens—resistance fighter Allen Caine is training for an undercover mission. He will assume the identity of an aide to the senate—part of the government that colludes with the invaders. But when the mission begins earlier than planned, Caine finds himself stuck on the off-planet outpost of Plinry with no idea of what awaits. He’s responsible for the most important mission undertaken by the resistance in twenty years, and when the operation goes awry, Caine’s only hope is to locate Plinry’s so-called blackcollars—the elusive, martial arts–trained guerilla force whose wartime resistance efforts are legendary. With his life and the freedom of everyone in the TDE on the line, Caine’s success will depend on whether or not he can find them. . . .

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The Blackcollar (Blackcollar, #1)The Blackcollar by Timothy Zahn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you are a Star Wars fan (book type), you probably know Timothy Zahn quite well. I first read him when he wrote the Thrawn Trilogy. I still hope Disney decides to make those into movies.

I recently ran across The Blackcollar by Mr Zahn. There is a whole series of related books that he wrote that are military sci-fi. Some are related as in prequel/sequel and some are related only by universe and time. I hadn’t read any of these.

I would give the Thrawn trilogy 5 stars. Blackcollars, not so much. Don’t get me wrong. It is a rip-roaring read. Constant action and it is hard to put down. It’s also kind of simplistic with stereotypes and shockers that fail to shock.

Having said that though, Timothy Zahn is an excellent writer and the pacing is terrific. His description of a post conquered universe is well done. It is an interesting place. There wasn’t much time spent on our alien conquerors but when they do show up, they are an intense race. Some of the related books have more info on them and I plan to read at least some of them.

If you are a hard core sci-fi reader like I am, this book and the related books are a good addition to your “want to read” list. If you like lighter fare or are of the literary type, I don’t think this book would do much for you. If you are a sci-fi military reader, you’ve probably already read this one, but if not, you should.

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