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Review: How to Study With Mind Maps

Review: How to Study With Mind Maps by Toni Krasnic



The #1 student recommended book on learning with mind maps

HTSWMM is a book for students and professionals on how to mind map and how to use mind maps to improve thinking and learning in school, work, and life. The book is written by a mind mapper, who’s also a decade-long college professor.

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FIRST PART of the book discusses the foundation of mind maps as a learning tool, describes the benefits and uses of mind maps, and shows you how to draw mind maps, step-by-step, with a mind map diagram at each step. Even if you’ve never drawn a mind map before, you’ll learn the basics and more in this one chapter that takes you through all the essentials of a mind mapping process. It also gives an overview of mind mapping uses, programs and their features, and is accompanied by extensive resources on book’s website.

SECOND PART of the book shows you, step-by-step, how to use mind maps to improve your thinking and learning via CLM. With CLM, meaningful learning is achieved through a five-phase process that involves meaningfully organizing and connecting key concepts in a mind map, critically thinking, and asking key questions. This chapter is also accompanied by a full case study.

THIRD PART of the book explains how to use mind maps and CLM for lifelong learning. Included in the chapter are also tips on developing your Personal Learning Network and designing your personal learning plan. Although it’s written with professionals in mind, students will also find value in the chapter, especially those students about to graduate.

Start mapping now and have fun learning!

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How to Study with Mind Maps: The Concise Learning Method for Students and Lifelong Learners (Expanded Edition)
by Toni Krasnic

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

mind-mapsI found this to be a good book, but I also thought the title was a little misleading. The real topic of this book is CLM, Concise Learning Method. Mind Maps are a key component to that topic.

As long as you know going in that the book is a tutorial for CLM and how to use mind maps in association with the method, it is a really useful book. Also, even if you don’t choose to change the way you study, the coverage of mind maps is excellent.

At times, the text was somewhat repetitive. The same ideas were hammered home multiple times. I’m not sure if that was a flaw or was done on purpose. Repetition is key to learning as long as it is not mindless repetition.

So having sad all of that, the coverage of mind maps is the best I found anywhere. I am a long time user of mind maps and I find them to be highly useful. I have read other books and a lot of online material. Most of that content tells you what you can do, how to use the software, why mind maps are good, etc. None that I have found show you exactly how to make use of mind maps. I had to figure that myself.

I wish this book had been available years ago. It would have saved me a lot of pain on the learning curve. I don’t use mind maps for studying. I use mind maps for brain storming, outlining, and for business uses. Even though this book is geared to students (and lifelong learners), I think the mind mapping portions of the book would be valuable to anyone using, or wanting to use, mind maps.

I do recommend this book.

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