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Review: E.E. Knight’s Dragon Champion

I have been very lucky in my reading lately; Scalzi’s books were exceptional. Science Fiction tends to be more my forte, but after the SF of Scalzi, I took a detour into fantasy with EE Knight’s Dragon Champion: The Age of Fire (Book One).

I have to say I have never liked a dragon more than AuRon, the hero/protagonist/dragon of the book. AuRon, an unscaled gray dragon, who, starting life off as Auron (it’s a dragon thing), journeys throughout the world learning about it and himself.eeknightdragonchampion

In this book, I learned why dragons have hoards, where dragon scales come from, how a dragon gets his wings, the importance of a dragon’s first fire and a lot more.

Sometimes a book just strikes a chord. You click with it and flow with the book. When that happens, the book reads a lot like poetry. That’s what this book is like.

The book starts with a young Auron hatching from an egg. As a gray dragon he is a bit smaller than his two brothers. That’s not good because as we all know new born male dragons must kill to maintain dominance. Through a bit of luck, Auron manages to survive and his injured brother is run off to lurk in the shadows.

Life is good in the beginning as Auron lives with his mother and sisters while his father, AuRel, guards and hunts. As Auron gets a little older, AuRel starts teaching Auron what it means to be a dragon. He shows Auron his hoard but Auron has no real interest in it.

Auron and his family are betrayed and, while AuRel is out hunting, viscous slave trading dwarves raid his home and kill most of his family. Auron and a sister make it out alive but Auron is later captured.

Auron goes for a boat ride, as a captive, and makes a friend that we’ll see more later in the book. He’s freed and swims to away to freedom. AuRon will have many more adventures with almost happenstance meetings of strangers who either become great friends or enemies to the death.

Auron manages to travel the world. As he ages and grows, he makes the strangest friends and enemies. A dragon’s adventures add to his song; his life story. AuRon’s song includes run-ins and friendships with wolves, blighters, dwarves, elves, ancient dragons and humans. AuRon has more humanity than any of those other races.

The Dragon Champion has humor, drama, sadness and excitement. At some points it’s a “can’t put it down” adventure and at others you need to put it down and just think for a moment.

This is the first book of a trilogy and I plan to read the rest.


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