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The First 750 Resources and Links for Readers

This page will offer reader resources and links that I recommend

As an avid reader, I find various web sites that I enjoy. I either get books from them, good reviews, or just am entertained. I will be providing links here to those kinds of things.

Click the image or link to visit a site.

Download the Universe

Download the Universe I am an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy but I also have a wide ranging interest in science. Astrophysics, cosomology, astronomy, computer science. earth science, etc. I read it all. Download the universe gives you reviews (and in some cases links to) science ebooks.  Check out their about page and the library.

DRM Free Ebooks

I strongly believe that creators (musicians, writers, etc) should be paid for their work. I just as strongly believe that DRM does not work. In many cases, DRM penalizes the people who pay for content more than those who pirate. As an example, with Nook (B&N), if your credit card goes bad (expires, you drop it, whatever) and don’t provide a new one, you lose access to all the books you’ve purchased. Amazon has forcefully removed content from kindle users.

Get DRM Free Books from Calibre

A comprehensive list of DRM free resources. Guide to DRM Free living.

Free Reads

I love reading and I love finding deals. These are links to legal free ebooks.

Free Digital Reads – Free Daily EBooks
Project Gutenberg
Free Kobo Books
Open Culture Free EBooks
Free Nook Books
Book Depository
AMC Free Kindle Books

Free Audio Books

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