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Once Upon a Transcendent Realm

Once Upon a Transcendent Realm – James Martinez


Non-Fiction – Spiritual

Once upon a Transcendent Realm is a spiritually insightful book written from scientific, spiritual, and theological perspectives. It encompasses 80,000+ hours of research into the behind-the-scenes look at something we know is there but can’t quite put our understanding around. Once upon a Transcendent Realm reveals insight into our body’s own energy, how that spiritual energy allows for interactions between one another and with other spiritual and supernatural realms. This supernatural and divine story opens the door to the endless possibilities that are within all of our lives. This book reveals insight into the spiritual unions we form within this material world, and with those of the world that is to come. This story is divine in nature and could have only been accomplished by God. There are many insightful questions that are answered within this book, and it’s my hope that you will get a better understanding of just how amazing a world God has created for us all to live in.

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“All who believe in God can do anything.”


Even with all I have encountered, I can remember the beginning; I can remember sensing something extraordinary in this amazing world, and feeling in tune and aligned with something beyond my understanding. With my eyes wide open and my eagerness to discover, I set my course on this journey of love and life. I have come close to life and to death in search of the greatest moments of life. I did not understand early on that the path of truth would lead to so many reverent moments of enlightenment.

I did, however, notice peculiar forces at work in my life from a very early age. I experienced my first near death experience at the age of three, and I had an uncanny ability to pull through many close calls, as if destined for something specific. I did not know that each step of my life was a move closer to insights into the supernatural. We all catch momentary glimpses of the supernatural. We all often experience, in differing measures, a sixth sense; and the knowledge of such supernatural experiences as an intricate part of life was one of the motivating factors of my journey.

I found myself intrigued with the inexplicable aspects of the supernatural—the déjà vu experiences, ESPs (extrasensory perceptions), telepathy, out-of-body experiences, and even sanctifying moments of divinity. I heard and read many awe-inspiring testimonies of people who claimed to have experienced such experiences, in the hopes that perhaps their stories would be detailed enough to give me insights into this phenomenon. It was a wondrous entreaty that seemed to manifest itself within me and grab hold of me and propel me further towards the unknown. I had often wondered why we lacked the ability to describe or define something that seemed such an intricate part of all of our lives. I found that even with those who had experienced similar encounters, there was no detailed description of answers to the questions I sought and what this internal sensation really was.

I began with a search for the connections that we all have to each other. Each lesson I learned yielded greater understanding and insights into phenomena I once considered inexplicable, mythical, or altogether unattainable. Gaining a greater understanding of what it truly means to be otherworldly allowed for revelations into and beyond the boundaries of the mind, body, and spirit.

This is my tale of the search for a connection that we all share and of the observations I made, how they were made, and what that represents for those of us in search of the greatest truth of all. My observations were made over many years with persistence and perseverance in many disciplined fields of significance which include intuition; energy of the human body and spirit; and distinctions of the spiritual, supernatural, and celestial. I believe the sincere conclusions I formed go beyond what many would consider palpable or obvious.

I had hopes of finding the missing attribute that compelled me and inexplicably manifested itself within every specific interval in my life, and although my findings took more than eight years to express, they were not in vain. I’ve come to learn that while in every moment of the wondrous existence of life, there is a greater force at work around each of us; it allows us to achieve the sometimes seemingly impossible and miraculous abilities. Thanks to this force, the abilities I have gained have led to my intrinsic perceptions of the essential nature of the highest order of truth.

This book is a detailed description of my experiences, observations of them, and the miraculous power associated with the divine. Some would call me a spiritual man, a clairvoyant or even a theologian. This metaphysical narration was written from that viewpoint, but I consider it to also be the study and scientific view of natural phenomena and the knowledge acquired. I hope it gives you insight into the uniting force I believe we are all destined to experience in our lives.


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About Author James Martinez

I have been blessed by God to say that I was born and raised in Austin Texas. Although I have traveled to many places both here and abroad, I am thankful to have Austin as my home town.

Prior to my research and writings, I’ve also worked in the fields of computer science, programming, internet marketing, microelectronics and semiconductor engineering. I’ve received an associate’s degree from the Southwest Institute of Electronics (93) and worked within the electronics and semiconductor engineering field throughout the 90’s.

Since then I’ve extended my software and marketing skills on the internet and I’ve recently designed four new websites and created online marketing campaign and platforms to launch my books, though the last decade has been a mix of dedication to the study and discernment of God’s higher purpose for me I’ve come to terms with who I am, in terms of growth and development.

I have spent more than a decade (beginning in 2001) studying the behind the scenes affects of life and the supernatural – this for a better understanding of every moment of life.

I now know Gods love is truly the best blessing of all.

My area of discipline includes insights into divinity, spirituality, supernatural phenomenon, heavenly realms and higher states of consciousness, otherworldly and supernatural beings and entities, and deeper levels of understanding the mind, body, and spirits (Energy).

I am currently at work on another “Spiritually insightful” book. (God willing – arriving late 2013 early 2014)


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