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Led By An Eagle – Omar Blue Saga Book 2

Led By An Eagle – Omar Blue Saga Book 2 by O. Warfield


Fiction – Poetry

Doberman Omar Blue and his pack travel into the mountains to meet his kin. Though reluctant to leave their beloved K-9 Town, USA, Omar’s followers look forward to learning more about the mysterious leader they have grown to love and respect.

It’s no secret they’re being followed by mountain lion Booby and his pride. Fearless to a fault, their attitude is, “Let them come. We’ll handle them when they’re ready.”

But taking nothing for granted, being true to their breeds and love for hunting lions, rhodesian ridgebacks Koffe and Tee and bulldogs Betty and Jim set out to handle the trouble before it reaches the pack.

Omar would never say no, but knowing his unique talents, they heed his advice, “Don’t approach the mountain lions, keep them in your sights. We’ll make sure they see us leaving. They’ll follow us for sure.”

The scouting four could see one of Omar’s special plans in the works. They would do as they were told. What was their leader up to?

Meanwhile, Booby is livid that rottweiler Brady the professor got the best of him in front of his followers.
As they travel through the mountains, the lions’ numbers are growing. Picking up kin along the way.

“Gonna rid this land of Omar Blue and his pack once and for all,” says Booby. That’s the plan.

Join Omar Blue and his pack and become a part of their mystical journey.

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Led By An Eagle Cover - 8-26-12


Was a sunny day

Big things on the way

At K-9 Town, USA.

Rottweiler Brady

And pit bull Sammy

Enjoying the month of May.

They were on their way

Back to the pack

To tell leader Omar Blue

They’d just been accosted

By mountain lions

And what they had to do.

They met up with Omar

Headed their way

Asked “What are you two up to”

Pit bull Sammy was glad to speak,

“We were coming to find you.

We met some mountain lions back there

One even threw a threat

He teed Professor Brady off

Don’t think he’s got up yet.”



“I’m Professor Brady only to the pack

Outside I’m Rottweiler Brady

Ain’t like he didn’t know my name

And said teaching was for a lady.

I taught him quick

How a teacher teaches

Mountain lions too

Then we figured in case

 they’re hunting trouble

We’d better come tell you.

The mountain lions are starting up

Don’t think they like us here

May as well bring it to a head

Make sure they have it clear.

Was the lion Booby

Leading them

A total of only three.

Who would have thought

They’d have the nerve

To confront this pit and me.

Then pit bull Sammy took his turn

A big smile on his face

“I was hoping they all would join in

But the others kept their place.

I agree with Brady

Somethings up

We think they had it planned

But they didn’t guess the consequence

Of calling the professor’s hand.”

Omar looked at both of them

Proud to have them in his pack

“We’ll alert the rest of the Elders

And hope those cats come back.

In the meantime

Get them out of your heads

There’s other things to do

We’re taking a trip

To see my kin

I want them all to meet you.

We’re all a little restless

It’s time for the puppies first run

It will do us all

A bit of good

And we’ll have a lot of fun.”


K-9 Town was buzzing

They were visiting Omar’s kin

The females were getting things ready

The puppies were in the den.

The other puppies were silent

Listening to Lee, Lii and Luu

Tell how Professor Brady

Broke the giant mountain lion in two.

The Chihuahua puppy triplets

 The puppy leaders too

Said that lion should have come to them

To hear what their professor could do.

They laughed until their

Little tummies ached

And then they laughed some more

Said, “Bet we could handle

That mountain lion

If he ever knocks on our door.

Or maybe we’ll get to see him

On the way to leader Omar’s kin

We’ll run away from the shepherds

And beat him up again.”

It was then poodle Sophie Jean came in

Schoolmarm and Brady’s wife

She had to hold her laugher in

It might just save a life.

“What’s this you say

About running away

While the shepherds are watching you

I tell you now if you try it

We’ll be all over you.

Not talking about the professor

Not talking about the shepherds too

Cause me and the female Elders

Are the ones who’ll handle you.

Now quiet down

And take a nap

There’s a long, long trip ahead

When you wake up we’ll be leaving

But remember what I just said.”

The puppies heard

Every word she said

And knew each one was true

The female Elders didn’t play

When they came after you.

They’d wait awhile

Until they got big

That lion would still be there

They’d take the professor with them

Then the females wouldn’t care.

So off they went to dreamland

Nothing else they could do

In a few days they’d be bigger

They’d take pit bull Sammy too.



Now over under the Big Oak Tree

Two forces had just met

Rasta Mama and Great Dane Granny

As friendly as they could get.

The komondor Mama was speaking

“I’ve heard so much about you

It’s said you cast away evil

Which is something I can’t do.

My gift says trouble’s over us

Just what I’ve yet to see

I think we should join together

And not work separately.”

Great Dane Granny

Looked at her

“How awesome we will be

You with your gift of second site

To help ward off the enemy.

Let’s call ourselves the Seers

The pack will like it fine

They’ll know we’re helping Omar

Using your gift and using mine.

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O. Warfield, poet and author, lives with her loving husband and has one daughter. Her objective through her Omar Blue Saga, which includes the new publication “Led By An Eagle” and first, “Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA,” is to reach out to families, avid readers and dog lovers of all ages, through hours of reading entertainment. Her characters have personalities that draw fans young and old.

Accompanied by daughter Joy, O. offers special entertainment to hospitals and facilities for children and adults with special needs and to seniors in assisted living communities. Their events include the reading of Omar Blue and a host of gifts and surprises. They plan to add real life main characters, Omar Blue, Major Diggs and poodle Sophie Jean after special training, knowing the canines would bring another level of enjoyment to their audiences.


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