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Genre for 4/2013 – Open to all genres

Book Review Blog Carnival

file000875423884Hi. Welcome to the First750 Book Review Blog Carnival. Each month there will be a new genre for review. If participation is high enough, I’ll make it weekly.  Let’s see how monthly goes first, though.

So, the rules are pretty easy. Each month I will announce what genre(s) I’ll be accepting into that months carnival. I’ll make the announcement below (I’ll keep each month by month and year in a rolling tally below). I’ll also make the announcement on and make a specific post here on the blog a few days before the new month.

All entries should be fairly current. I think anytime within the last 90 days would be fine. If you have an older but exceptional review from earlier, I will consider it. Send me the link and explain why it should be included. Posts created within the last 90 days just need to send the link.

When you are ready to include your blog post, please send the link for the specific entry that you want to include, to [email protected]. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me an email or leave a comment. I would love to make the carnival a great one for everyone.

Readers, please feel free to submit great book reviews that you happen to run across

Carnivals by Month and Year

4/2013 – Open to all genres


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