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Beyond The Fence Press Release

Contact: Lewis Cunningham                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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Award winning technologist and 9-year-old son write middle grade fantasy


Who better to write a middle grade book about magic in the suburbs than a suburban 9 year old and his dad. Lewis and Logan Cunningham collaborate on a new series of magic, goblins, and shape shifting. The series starts with “Beyond The Fence”.

In Beyond The Fence, eleven-year-old Avery and his 7 year old brother Connor move into a new house. Avery is feeling strange and is unable to explain it. After several encounters with a goblin, he learns that the forest beyond the fence houses a doorway to magic and that he can wield magic. During one magical encounter, his pet becomes a person, his brother becomes a barbarian, and a friend learns to fly. Can Avery defeat the Dream King?

Beyond The Fence started as a conversation about the forest behind their house. As the conversation between Lewis and Logan continued, a new mythology was born. Beyond The Fence answers the question that you might ask, especially at dusk, “I wonder what’s beyond the fence?”

This novella is the first volume in the three part series, Suburban Magic, and is available immediately as both a print book and an Ebook from Amazon and other vendors. Beyond The Fence is targeted at the middle grade age range, 8-15 years old, but any age can enjoy the humor and discovery to be found inside the book.

Title:               Beyond The Fence
Publisher:     CreateSpace
Published:    Feb 1, 2013
ISBN-13:        978-1482335170
ISBN-10:        1482335174
Formats:       Electronic and Paperback , 60 pages

About The Authors:  LewisC is a dad, an Oracle ACE Award winning technologist and has multiple certifications. Lewis is an avid writer, reader, blogger and technophile. LoganC is a student, big brother, avid reader and minecraft addict.



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