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The First 750 Resources and Links for Authors

This page will offer resources and links that I recommend

As an author, I have used various services and web sites. I am not getting paid or otherwise reimbursed for linking here (although the createspace link is my affiliate link). I just think these sites can be useful and wanted to share them.

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Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

CreateSpace allows you to create print books for free. You can also painlessly create e-books for amazon and plug right into the KDP lending program at Amazon. I’ve created 2 books through createspace and can recommend it. Formatting for createspace is much easier than smashwords and some other publishers.






AuthorsDB is kind of like theFirst750 but for authors instead of book. Here’s a blurb from the site:

AuthorsDBis a place where information is available on your favorite authors and where you can learn more about up-and-coming authors.  Readers no longer have to google from several different websites to find out more about a particular author – it’s all here.

Authors are able to find listings for new and established author services to help make their writing life just that bit easier.

And it’s all 100% FREE


Author Marketing








The Author Marketing Club offers various services to get your name and books out in front of readers. From the site:

When you become an AMC member you will have access to the following:

  • A review request system where you can put your book in front of readers who want to read and review your book
  • A thriving community of authors willing to share their marketing tactics and lessons, and failures
  • Helpful advice and resources for new and experienced authors alike
  • Specials and offers for discounted services to help you publish your book
  • Much more


Writer’s Relief

 Writer’s Relief Classifieds In addition to the classifieds, Writer’s Relief sells services to writers. I can’t recommend them as I have never used them. I like the classifieds though as I like learning about contests (not that I ever seem to submit). Here is some more info from their site:

Writer’s Relief is an author’s submission service (not a literary agency, publisher, or publicity firm). We help creative writers get published by targeting their poems, essays, short stories, and books to the best-suited literary agents or editors of literary journals.

We can help you get published. We will:

  • Identify the best literary agents for your book manuscript. Literary agents are key to publishing your novel, memoir, or nonfiction book.
  • Identify the best literary journals for your poetry, short story, or personal essay.
  • Create your cover or query letters.
  • Proofread and format your submissions.
  • Develop strategies that get literary agents and editors excited about your writing.
  • Make more time for you to write without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of your submissions.
  • Help you get published more often in reputable markets.


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