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Author Interview – James Martinez

Author InterviewJames Martinez

Once Upon a Transcendent Realm

Today’s author interview is with James Martinez who wrote Once Upon a Transcendent Realm.

For the record, what is your name and what is the title of your latest book?

James Martinez – “Once Upon a Transcendent Realm” available now through Westbow Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble online. HC,PB & EBook.

Why did you write your latest book?Print

Well I have been given a wonderful blessing and God graced me with an amazing experience and then asked me to share it with the people. He actually gave me the first and last line of the book and told me we would be having an amazing experience together.

How did you get started writing?

Well that’s a long story but I’d always hoped to be a writer and I can recall telling stories all through my life hoping to one day express myself on paper. When I began writing this story, however, I was told by God to start at the beginning and keep it simple and direct. What is it that makes you want to be a writer? Well I’ve been a part of  some amazing experiences throughout my life and I’d always hoped to share them with everyone. It wasn’t until this past decade though that I began to understand that I would soon be sharing from a spiritual perspective.

If an unpublished author asked you to give them one piece of advice, what would it be?

Write – Its not always easy but nothing worth doing ever was. Don’t give up, if you have a story to tell share it with everyone.

If you could only publish in a single genre, what would it be? Why?

Spiritual – because I have seen the truth of the spirit and its something that we should all be mindful of. I tell you there’s something wonderful awaiting us all after this life.

Why should readers read your book?

I would suggest to readers who would like to share in supernatural experiences, divine miracles, and Gods blessings to read my stories. They are all truth and God willing inspiring to everyone who share in them. I hope to open the eyes of those who cannot see.

Who is your favorite author of all time and who is your favorite author writing now?

God – The Holy Bibles a pretty good read and everyone sharing the truths of life.

Do you think ebooks should be protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM)? Why?

Sure, people work hard for art.

If you could improve any single aspect of yourself (physical, mental, whatever), what would it be?

I am who I am but I hope to improve everyday in everything that I am God willing.

What question do you wish I had asked that I did not?

Are you happy in love?


Yes, because I’ve found peace and love in God and the world makes sense because of that.

Thank you James for sharing with us.



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